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A few years ago a wise friend told me; “Don’t believe in coincidence”... Man I sure as hell don’t. Recently my Uncle Don, (Grandmas Brother) passed away due to cancer. He was the youngest out of my great grandmothers 9 kids, and the most spoiled according to his brothers and sisters. He marched to the beat of his own drum for sure, and was never afraid to tell you about yourself even if it was rude as fuck! He was a true original who gave zero fucks... I think I inherited some of his ways.
After the funeral several family members and I went back to Don’s house searching for possessions, notes, anything we could take to remember him by. That’s when I entered one of his rooms...”Your unc was kind’ve perverted” says my uncle Jerry. My jaws dropped as I stared in shock at all the naked women from nudie mags and pornos plastered on his walls. It felt like we had just teleported into the history files of my laptop. I couldn’t understand how tears were flooding out of my eyes from grieving over the death of my uncle, yet cramping over the pains in my stomach from laughing so damn hard at how peculiar this dude was.
It’s important to understand that Uncle Don was a hilarious guy who saw light and humor in the darkest and most serious of situations. I can just picture him laughing at me being like “ever seen art before?” As I began to look closer at the walls, I started noticing cutouts from newspapers with writings such as “don’t let this one slide by” “Fight to The Death”, “Work Harder”, which instantly changed the vibe of the room to something more channeled and focused. It felt like I was reading and watching his last thoughts... One last laugh, one last Blunt Truth from Don... “Make sure you snap some pictures of this” said my cousin Matt. “I know your creative self could benefit from this in some way”....
Fast forward a few months; I’m struggling to figure out a cover for my new tape Midnight Man, stressing out, nothing seemed to be right! I started sporadically scrolling through photos on my phone and there I see a picture of Uncle Don’s wall glaring at me and once again I instantly start laughing. Once again, even from the grave Uncle Don added humor to a tough situation, I knew then I had found my cover art and something that will further remind me of Don.
Midnight Man is a project filled with bluntness, humor, pervertedness, truths, describing someone who marches to the beat of their own drum, attempting to bring light and fun to tough situations. Like my Unc.... Thanks for the inspiration. Now y’all go put the tape back on, stream it, purchase it, roll up, pour up, and Thank God You’re Livin’. One time for Uncle Don - much love.
— Deus
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